Insta Makeover

Strap on those boots because we're about to turn your online presence from "meh" to absolutely unignorable.

Are you ready for it?

I’m not about to feed you some cookie-cutter marketing guru spiel, and I won’t tell you to manifest your way to success or work yourself into the ground. Instead, I’m here to makeover your brand and business strategy so that you can enjoy your life.


Starting your day on your terms – maybe it’s cuddling up on the coach with a coffee, a peaceful meditation, bingeing some Netflix, or just some quiet recovery time after the chaos that is getting your kids ready for school (that last one is totally my vibe).

Picture spending less than 10% of your working hours on content strategy, breaking up with hustle culture, and ditching the “work like a man” mentality. Now imagine selling more of your services because you’ve got a rock-solid strategy in place and a brand you feel confident about.


I’m Emily (aka the Queen of Bootstrapping). I’m here to help women owned businesses grow their online presence, wealth and impact in the world.

Ready for me to sprinkle a little of my marketing magic your way?!


Insta Makeover: A Done-For-You Brand Refresh, Profile Optimization, and Marketing Strategy Package to make your brand unignorable.

Over the course of 4-8 weeks, you’ll receive…

A strategy as unique as you are – because one size doesn’t fit all!

A farewell to Instagram overwhelm – I’m rolling up our sleeves so you don't have to.

A brand that shouts "ME!" without you having to shout at all.

Done-for-you templates that are more plug-and-play than your go-to weeknight dinner recipe – because who has time for complicated?

An action plan and accountability because I won’t just ghost you when we’re done. I’m not just here for the makeover. I’m here to see the transformation through.

  • I’m a creative marketer who has over 12 years of experience working in marketing and freelancing.

  • I’m multi-passionate (aka, I have started more businesses than I can count). The only thing that remains a constant for me in business is that I love the creative side of business marketing.

  • I created the Bootstrapped Woman because I believe that financial wealth will provide women with the power they need to change the world for the better (smash the patriarchy!).

  • I believe in ethical marketing, which to me means authenticity, honesty, positivity, and inclusion.

  • I’m a published author (traditional and self-published) and have a passion for writing about body image and taming shame!

  • I’m a married mom to 2 little ones and a golden retriever. #momlife

So, Who Am I?

Ready to Stop...

Getting burnt out from attempting to juggle it all? Time to drop those flaming torches – I’m here to light your path to simplicity.

Feeling overwhelmed by a jungle of marketing strategies? I'll guide you through the social media wilderness.

Using cringe-worthy content to sell your services? Say goodbye to the cringe and hello to content that is bold and unforgettable.

Get ready for the business glow-up of your life!

What You Get

Initial Virtual Meeting to Discuss Your Needs

Instagram Audit

Branding Refresh

24 Custom Canva Static Post and Reel Cover Templates

5 Custom Canva Story Templates

Copywriting for Templates

Template User Guide

1-Hour Virtual Strategy Call and Action

1-Hour Follow Up Accountability Strategy Call

This package is for the business owner who wants a solid plan to stand out while allowing their unique voice to shine.


4 Payments of $375

or $1499 in full

How does it work?

Step One: Let's kick things off with an Initial Virtual Meet + Greet. This is where I dive into the ins and outs of your business, your goals, and what makes your business unique! Before we chat, make sure you've filled out my client onboarding form, so I can come prepared.

Step Two: I'll roll up my sleeves and perform a virtual Instagram audit for your business account. But hey, I'm not just focusing on your Instagram profile – I'll take a peek at your whole customer journey and user experience, checking out your website and other social platforms

I’ll also provide you with updated branding recommendations – including colours, font type, logo feedback, and messaging. This is based on market research and competitive analysis, your onboarding form, our initial meet and greet, and my creative eye!

Once I’m done, you'll get a nifty PDF report with my findings and recommendations. We'll use this to nail down your content needs and make sure we're on the same page before I start creating!

Step Three: Now, it's time for the magic. I'll start crafting custom content tailored just for your business – the kind that makes you UNIGNORABLE during the scroll.

Step Four: Get ready to dive into your personalized creative marketing toolkit! You will receive a link to access your Canva Templates along with our Template Guide. You will have 5 business days to communicate any desired changes. You will officially have custom assets that will save you tons of time and make you money!

Step Five: Once you have had a chance to explore your templates, we will meet for a 1-hour strategy session. Bring all your burning marketing questions to the table, whether they're technical, creative or strategy related. By the end, you will have a solid action plan to make those templates work hard for your business. You will receive a simple PDF after this meeting to summarize your plan!

Step Six: We will schedule your final accountability strategy call to take place 1 month after your strategy session. This is the time for me to check in with you to see how you are doing and make any tweaks to your content action plan.

The Brand Refresh

Market Research and Competitive Analysis

Logo Feedback

Font and Colour Palette

Defined Brand Voice

Defined Brand Values and Mission Statement

Defined Brand Content Pillars

In order to make waves, you have to stand out. Ready to start? Fill out our contact form, or if you're feeling unsure, book a free discovery call.


This sounds expensive to me. Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! I offer a 4-installment payment plan. If you need further payment accommodations, just get in touch! As a fellow Bootstrapped Woman, I get it. Investing in your business can seem scary. Our limiting beliefs can often stop us from taking action when it comes to things that will help your business. I don’t believe that women should have to build their businesses alone and that’s why I have jam packed as much value into this package as possible. Consider it an investment in the foundation of your business! You are worthy of support!

How can I work with you?

Fill out your details in the contact form, and we'll be in touch! You can also book a free discovery call to make sure this is the right fit for you! When you are ready to start working together, Emily will send you an invoice and contract.

How much time will using templates save me per month?

Having custom templates created will save you several hours per month because you won't have to spend time creating new designs each time you post or searching through Canva's random generic templates and then customizing them for your brand.

Do I need to have a Canva Pro membership?

Our custom templates work with the free version of Canva but there are certain tools that we recommend using (like the Background Remover tool) which are included in Canva Pro. If you encounter any issues, please reach out so we can help!

How long does this program take?

You can have a brand new brand in as little as 1 month, depending on your payment terms. Emily only works with a select number of businesses per month and typically completes the process within 4 weeks. The final accountability strategy call is to be completed after 1 month of delivery (give or take a week or two)!

Does this include posting or scheduling?

No, this package does not include posting or scheduling your content. I recommend using a scheduler like Later (this is my affiliate link). I only ever recommend tools that I actually use with my own business! I do not provide social media management services.

What kind of support is offered after the initial strategy session?

Emily is available via email to answer your questions as they come up. If you require more in-depth or ongoing support, you may want to join our Monthly Strategy Call Club.

Does custom templates and strategy guarantee better sales?

Uplevelling your content marketing with custom templates doesn't guarantee immediate sales but is a powerful tool for building brand visibility and can create genuine opportunities to engage with potential customers. By consistently delivering high-quality content, businesses can increase the likelihood of converting interested followers into loyal customers. It is an essential component for both organic and paid growth marketing strategies! By utilizing your custom strategy and templates, we set you up for success so that the results you get are in your grasp!

What's holding you back?

Too expensive? Fear not, we've got payment plans that are as flexible as a yoga instructor.

Think you can DIY? Absolutely! We've got a DIY Course and workbook (COMING SOON) for you!

Worried about no immediate results? We're here for long-term success. Patience and consistency is the name of the game!

Imagine what it would feel like to run your business without feeling like it's running YOU.