Emily Lauren Dick is a Canadian Creative Marketer and Marketing Strategist, who helps women in business stand out online without burning out. She helps small women-owned businesses grow their online presence, wealth, and impact in the world.

Getting lost in the crowd of minimalism and beige aesthetic content is the last thing I want for my clients.

I work with service providers, coaches, healers, therapists, and mental health professionals who want to grow their businesses with unignorable content and strategy that feels as good as getting front row tickets to Taylor Swift….for FREE!

Blending in with the crowd is just not my thing. Like when I was rocking pink hair at 15 (and again at 35).

In order to make waves, you have to stand out!

Hey, I'm Emily!

I am a Canadian creative marketer and marketing strategist, published author, wife, and mom!

I know how it feels to have so many passions and an incredible drive to build something meaningful. But I also know how it feels to be burnt out and overwhelmed because you think you have to do it all on your own.

I started The Bootstrapped Woman because I want to change the way marketing is done and help women embrace a sustainable work-life balance while pursuing their business dreams.

I am here to support, empower, guide, and challenge you!

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I've become known for my bold branding and wanted to help others create UNIGNORABLE brands, too.


Let's do this cosmo magazine style


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Emily Lauren Dick

Em + Mommy

Burlington, oN, Canada



Pepperoni Pizza

I'm obsessed with red lips but rarely wear lipstick!

I've been playing ice hockey since I was 9 years old. I still play today!

I feel like a celebrity!


What Ethical Marketing Means to Me:

Authenticity: Partnering with businesses that provide genuine value to consumers and want to make a positive difference in the world.

Honesty: Being honest in our promotional content, not making false claims, or overhyping benefits.

Inclusion: Making marketing more inclusive by representing all body types and identities, and by ending the use of harmful stereotypes and language in marketing.

Positivity: Spreading joy through beautiful branding and creative content. Engaging the senses, representing a full range of human emotion, and lived experience, and uplifting everyone through realistic and positive messaging.

I believe that financial wealth will provide women with the power they need to change the world for the better.


"Have you ever sought content that feels crafted just for you? With Emily, that's not a wish-it's a promise. She doesn't just provide content; she immerses herself in understanding you and your brand. She invests her heart and soul to ensure that every logo and every template resonates deeply with your brand's essence. You can truly feel the passion in her creations, the meticulous attention to every detail, and her genuine desire for you to absolutely love what she crafts for you. With her by your side, every piece of content isn't just designed; it's destined to leave a lasting impression."


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"I have been meaning to write this testimonial to Emily's services for a while but I have been so busy truly because of the revamp she has given my business. To say that Emily taking a look at my website and social media platforms and rebranding them has helped my business is an understatement. Emily listens to who you are and what your goals are to get your business to where it needs to be. The craziest part is how I had so many ideas in my head of what I wanted my brand and marketing to look like, and she nailed it and then some! It's like she knew better than I did the look and feel I was trying to achieve and put it all cohesively together!"


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"I couldn't believe that my brand could have such a beautiful feed. Almost made me cry! As a busy woman, working a full-time job while developing my brand after 9-5 can be exciting but also exhausting, as you have to wear so many hats. This is the first time I've worked with a specialist in an area in which I'm not fluent, and the results were amazing! As an outcome of Emily's changes, I completely fell in love with my feed. Even though my Instagram account is relatively new, I am now confident it offers me the potential to resonate with my ideal customers. This will set the stage for a beautiful social media journey for my brand. You are a star, Emily!"


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"For a long time, I was doing almost everything in my business by myself. As I started to off-board smaller tasks, I was lucky to get a set of templates from Emily that were not just perfectly tailored visually, but had well-researched and tailored-to-my-brand content ideas as well! Many of the templates were ready to post as is, and they were all easy enough to customize on my own as well. Because of the support I got from Emily, I was able to take more breaks, see more growth on my social accounts, acquire new leads, and be able to focus on new projects and other ways to grow my business! Cannot recommend working with Emily enough. She is smart, powerful, creative, inclusive - everything you want in someone who supports your business! Thank you Emily!"


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So who am I?!


I’m a creative marketer who has over 12 years of experience working and freelancing in marketing, graphic design, content creation, and coaching.

I’m multi-passionate (a.k.a., I have started more businesses than I can count). The thing that has always remained constant for me is my love for the creative side of marketing!

I believe that financial wealth will provide women with the power they need to change the world for the better (smash the patriarchy!).

I’m a designer, strategist and business coach for women.

I believe in ethical marketing, which to me means authenticity, honesty, positivity, and inclusion.

I’m a published author (traditional and self-published) and have a passion for writing about body image and taming shame!

I’m a married mom to 2 little ones and a golden retriever. #momlife

Ready to stand out, make money and create change?!