Crafting Holiday Marketing Strategies with Integrity: A Guide to Ethical Planning

Explore essential tips and strategies for planning your holiday marketing campaigns while upholding ethical principles, ensuring your brand shines during the festive season without compromising your values.

Emily Lauren Dick

How many of you plan your holiday marketing campaigns in advance? I get asked all of the time how much time you need to plan and execute the strategies, and the truth is that it depends on your business and your goals.

Define Your Goals

The first step in holiday marketing is to define what your goals are! Is it to sell more? Take advantage of the uptick in consumerism? Make your clients feel celebrated?⁠ There is no right or wrong answer for your biz!⁠

Lead Time

What are some of the things you need to determine how much lead time you need before the holidays?⁠

  • Budget⁠

  • Time to develop or outsource creative assets⁠

  • Printing assets (if needed)⁠

  • Email marketing writing or outsourcing⁠

  • Website and e-commerce readiness⁠

  • Social media content plan⁠

  • Paid advertising (if any)⁠

  • Partnerships/Collaborations⁠

Who is doing the work?

If you do DIY marketing, then you may need more time as opposed to outsourcing. ⁠If you are outsourcing, make sure you provide them with firm due dates (and always leave a little extra time for revisions).⁠

Important Dates

Need some reminders on what holidays to be ready for?⁠ Here is a list of some major holidays and how you can ethically promote your business! ⁠